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The Cathedral

Samstag, Juni 9th, 2012

A little Eyecandy for you: Nach der Kurzgeschichte „Katedra“ des polnischen SF/F-Autors Jacek Dukaj gedreht, wurde dieses kleine Schmuckstück sogar für einen Academy Award nominiert. Wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung.

So, then: the Cathedral. It’s enormous, magnificent. You exit the biosphere lock, and you see it before you, above you, a ragged shadow against the stars. Light is needed for you to take in the architecture, but there is no light, for Lévie is distant now and Madeleine not yet close enough. Through the long period of the cosmic interhelium, the Cathedral is above all other things a Mystery. From the lock to the main portal a crooked track runs down the crater slope along a path cut into the cold stone. You descend with the required safety line clipped to your belt by the robot that mans the outer gate. Typically the descending visitor, curious, will switch on the powerful lamp of his suit. But the lamp’s white finger can touch only separate spots of the edifice, moving from one to the other–here, there–like a feeble probe across an outer skin.