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Semiconductor #2: 20 Hertz

Sonntag, Juli 22nd, 2012

20 Hz observes a geo-magnetic storm occurring in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. Working with data collected from the CARISMA radio array and interpreted as audio, we hear tweeting and rumbles caused by incoming solar wind, captured at the frequency of 20 Hertz. Generated directly by the sound, tangible and sculptural forms emerge suggestive of scientific visualisations. As different frequencies interact both visually and aurally, complex patterns emerge to create interference phenomena that probe the limits of our perception.

Introducing Semiconductor: Brilliant Noise

Dienstag, Juli 17th, 2012

Für diejenigen unter euch, die sich schon immer die Frage gestellt haben, wie sich Space Weather wohl genau anhören mag: Semiconductor geben euch die Antwort darauf. Das britische Künstler_innen-Duo, bestehend aus Ruth Jarman und Joe Gerhardt, erschafft seit 1999 u.a. aus dem Bildmaterial der NASA kleine eindrucksvolle, bisweilen verstörende Videokunstwerke.

Brilliant Noise takes us into the data vaults of solar astronomy. After sifting through hundreds of thousands of computer files, made accessible via open access archives, Semiconductor have brought together some of the sun’s finest unseen moments. These images have been kept in their most raw form, revealing the energetic particles and solar wind as a rain of white noise. This grainy black and white quality is routinely cleaned up by NASA, hiding the processes and mechanics in action behind the capturing procedure. Most of the imagery has been collected as single snapshots containing additional information, by satellites orbiting the Earth. They are then reorganised into their spectral groups to create time-lapse sequences. The soundtrack highlights the hidden forces at play upon the solar surface, by directly translating areas of intensity within the image brightness into layers of audio manipulation and radio frequencies.